Daniel working the coffee machine during today’s learning session.

Valhalla Social Cinema ~ Horror/Fantasy Marathon

Early bird pricing for Valhalla Social Cinema’s September 7 horror/fantasy marathon at Electron Workshop ends today (Friday 30 August) at 9pm. Don’t miss out!

It’s free and open coworking Friday today!

Daniel of Autosystems will be leading today’s learning session on the art of coffee making. Coffee and cake at 3pm. Swing by!  


Today (Monday, 19th of August 2013) marks a very important day. It is the day that we officially launch our company/agency and our website. After months and months of planning and strategising, we are now ready to go-to-market and start helping businesses with their online marketing activities. Both Martin and myself are extremely stoked and excited […]

~ Serendipity and the Art of Non-Disclosure

Sometimes there’s a fork in the road that you didn’t see until you’ve gone so far in the wrong direction it’s easier to cut across the unknown and risk getting lost than it is to carry on. Many a self-help book has probably spawned from that sentiment, but what I am about to share had […]

Learning Tea Break ~ The Art of Coffee Making ~

Next up we have Daniel Cardamone of Autosystems sharing his knowledge of and passion for coffee making! Daniel’s family has been in the restaurant business for years and, as a chip off the old block, will help us understand and perfect the art of coffee making over afternoon tea. When? At 3 pm on 30 August. […]

Analogue Sunday

Take a day off…    


Home Sweet Theater‘s The (Digital Anniversary) will take place at the Electron Workshop during the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival. The play is a modern take on Anton Chekhov’s The Anniversary,  having adapted this Russian classic to the modern day workplace of the Electron Workshop. ‘In a Melbourne office everything is almost ready for the arrival of the company […]

OpenTechSchool #4 // Social Coding with Git

Read more on social coding with Git here.

The Future of Working // Coworking Manifesto

As we celebrate this year’s International Coworking Day, let us reflect on the values of coworking and how it is redefining the way we work. Coworking might be an unfamiliar concept to many but it’s taking the world by storm, over 2500 coworking spaces now operating across the globe. In Australia the number of co-working facilities […]