Unexpected Bits of Support ~ Jenny Jiang

      I could fill you in on the interviews I’ve done in the last month or so – interviews that have taken me from the dining hall at Little Creatures to a quiet corner in the back room of one of my favourite brunch spots to an immaculate meeting room overlooking a just-as-immaculate […]

The Melbourne Maths & Science Meetup

Noon Silk talking about a popular new area of research in theoretical physics called ‘The Firewall Problem’.      Einsteins in the making… Discover your inner geek: Melbourne Maths & Science Meetup

FOA Tour de Film Recap!

The FOA Tour de Film night on Thursday July 18th was a huge success, with nearly 100 people comfortably wedged into the Electron Workshop. With people trickling in from just before 7pm it was with great delight that the Beatbox Kitchen rolled up and set about getting the hotplates fired up and the deep fryer […]

Melbourne’s Maths and Science Meetup

Melbourne’s Maths and Science Meetup is on at Electron Workshop this month! This is a monthly event where anyone is invited to talk on a topic of maths or science that may be of interest to them. You may be a researcher and feel like telling other people about what you do; or you may […]

FOA’s 100th Le Tour de France Movie Night

Coffee Peddlr van Late night Tour de France action.

3D Printing Fun

Spring Rocket’s Mark Butt at work. www.springrocket.com.au www.hackduino.org

Happy Birthday Marty!!

Valhalla Social Cinema // 14-hour Horror & Fantasy // September 7

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Valhalla Social Cinema is back. Like a zombified corpse in a medical supplies warehouse, the most unhinged of genres rises spectacularly from the dead. Werewolves, scientists, psychopaths and the undead do their best to keep the cheap jump scare count low and the corn syrup setting out of control. Old Masters vs the New: […]

Treat Time ~~ Fridays ~~ Biscotti ~~

RHoK // Hacking for Humanity

RHoK-ing & RHoll-ing at Electron Workshop last night… rhokmelbourne