Happy Birthday Dan & Mark!

Melbourne Jelly back @ EW!

One Month in…

Some things are the same regardless of if you are in a ‘regular’ office or a co-working space. Being new is still being new. You still accidentally and awkwardly introduce yourself to people in the kitchen that you actually met only the day before. It still takes a while to get a feel for what […]


Newsletter #6

Hello Friends of the Electron Workshop! It’s been a vibrant month at the Electron Workshop. Our community is expanding. We have new members joining every week. DrupalChix is back. OpenTechSchool had yet another successful second run of Introduction to Programming, and we have an intriguing mystery event coming up in early June; so stay tuned […]

Work, work, work…

Melbourne Jelly

On Friday the 31st of May the Melbourne Jelly coworking group will be working out of the Electron Workshop for the day. If you’d like to meet new people, have a free coworking day and see the space, next Friday is your opportunity! You can find out more information on the meetup.com listing & reserve […]

My First Month at EW…

Hamish Crittenden of Melbourne Made Electron Workshop Space Host Co-working spaces are a game changer in that you can pick up a project that pays the bills for a few months and give it a go. Kick starting a company with a colleague is perceived as equal parts risk and opportunity but coming and doing […]


Hey hey Fixed.org.au is having its second FOA Movie Night and is taking it back to the basics with the help of The Electron Workshop. A few beers, a projector screen, a cheesy bike flick and a bunch of mates from FOA. Bad commentary welcome. Tickets are not required but there will be a coupla […]

Women’s Grant Recipient Jenny Jiang

News this week… Three months ago we launched our Electron Workshop Women’s Grant to encourage women’s involvement in digital culture – a grant dedicated to facilitating the initial and sometimes difficult phases associated with starting one’s own business, or going full-time freelance. Our women’s grant recipient, Jenny Jiang, started this week! Jenny graduated from high […]