Permanent Desk
per month
Fixed desk, 24/7 access
Full-time fixed desk, drawer, mailing address, key with 24/7 access, everything*
24/7 access with key, mezzanine breakout room access, premium coffee & espresso machine, shower, fridge, internal bike storage, WIFI, mailing address, your own desk, chair and set of drawers +everything else*
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Business Hours Desk
per month
Fixed desk, business hours access
Full-time fixed desk, no storage, mailing address, with full 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri access
Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm access, mezzanine breakout room access, premium coffee & espresso machine, shower, fridge, internal bike storage, WIFI, mailing address, your own desk & chair +everything else except storage
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Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, day-to-day Hot Desks are no longer available.

A desk at the Electron Workshop isn’t just a desk. It’s a place to find camaraderie, network, and get things done. You’re more than welcome to come visit anytime, check out the space, have a coffee, and meet the folks that already work here. To give us a heads up that you’ll be visiting, please shoot us a note.


Each desk at the Electron Workshop includes high-speed Spirit Sky Internet connectivity, a UPS-backed Meraki WIFI controller to keep connectivity fair. Premium coffee is freely supplied, along with a twin group espresso machine & Mazzer grinder. Other features include a shower, two unisex toilets, fully equipped kitchen with fridge, oven and cookware; 40kw of air conditioning in the main space to keep things cool in summer, along with six infrared natural gas heaters for toasty winter warmth. Most of our members commute via tram, foot or bike – we provide internal bike racks to safely park your wheels.

Social & Environmental commitment

Electron Workshop runs the most efficient AC available, and the most efficient mode of heating with natural gas. We additionally pay a premium for 100% green energy, and run low-watt LED light globes across the board. We’re part of the 1% for the Planet initiative, donating 1% of our turnover to environmental charities, assisting Friends of the Earth to fight fracking, and the Surfrider Foundation.

We are also certified B Corp. Learn about what this means.


Permanent desks mean the desk area is yours to keep files, monitors and equipment, etc. You also get your own key for 24hr access. Business Hours memberships do not come with storage.

Mezzanine break out room

With approximately 10sqm of usable area, the mezzanine studio is a unique floating mezzanine space, featuring acoustic insulation in the floor and walls, double glazed windows overlooking the main workspace, skylight, and split system air conditioning. This space is perfect for ad-hoc meetings, or to get away & make calls in private.


  • Rack space for backup or development servers (inc power & UPS) per Rack Unit: $55/month


We encourage small community events at the Electron Workshop. Contact us if you would like to run a once-off, or regular meetup in the space.


The Electron Workshop is open from 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday. Permanent memberships come with a key for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access.

Security deposit

Security deposit is equivalent to a month’s membership fees.


If you wish to pay in Bitcoin, please use the above Cobot booking system, and select ‘Cash’ as your payment type. You can then send funds to our Bitcoin wallet address, which is: 1HdUfmm3pfKdRdJmSn6sE6iKLZk6ZPP7ew